Why does 鶹 own and operate the Moravian Book Shop?

Faced with financial issues not uncommon to traditional brick and mortar stores across the country, the Moravian Church Northern Province wanted to get out of this retail business and focus on supporting their 85 congregations. Fortunately, 鶹 was in a position to take on ownership and continue the legacy of the Moravian Book Shop.

What does this mean for the Book Shop?

While there were some changes, much has remained the same. The beloved book section has remained the same with noticeable improvements to flooring and lighting. Lost Tavern Brewing was added in May 2019 and Randevoo, offering Asian fusion specialities, was added in September 2020, making the Book Shop even more of a destination.

Are Moravian stars still available?

Yes! Moravian- and Christmas-themed gifts will continue to be available during the holiday season. Larger items like Christmas trees will no longer be available.

What is Barnes and Noble's role in the Moravian Book Shop?

The store continues to operate as the Moravian Book Shop and be managed by a team from Barnes and Noble College, a completely separate entity that specializes in the management of college and university book stores around the country.

What does this mean for 鶹 students?

The Book Shop provides a unique downtown location to gather with classmates, shop for textbooks and Moravian gear, grab a snack, and be part of the greater Bethlehem community. A shuttle stop has been added in front of the building on Main Street to make it convenient for students living on the Main Street campus. Pop-up book stores will be available on the Main Street campus during key times when books are purchased and returned, as well as during events like Senior Select Day, Summer FAIR and Accepted Students Days.  

Will textbooks for students still be shipped if they're purchased online or at the Book Shop?

Students can either pick their books up at the Book Shop, or choose to ship them. Books can shipped wherever a student chooses. It can be their home address, or school address.