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Biden-Harris Administration's Student Loan Debt Relief Plan Blocked by SCOTUS

On August 24, 2022 President Biden announced that the U.S. Department of 鶹 would provide up to $20,000 in targeted one-time student debt cancellation to borrowers with loans held by the Department of 鶹 based upon two factors: (1) an income threshold and (2) prior receipt of a Federal Pell Grant. Although many borrowers applied for the program, a series of court orders temporarily blocked the efforts of the Student Loan Debt Relief Plan. 

The case of was brought before the United States Supreme Court. On June 30, 2023 the SCOTUS issued a decision against the Student Loan Debt Relief Plan; prohibiting the U.S. Department of 鶹 from implementing the executive action of the plan.

Federal student loan borrowers should proceed with preparations for repayment without any cancelation as previously promised by the Student Loan Debt Relief Plan; given that it has been struck down. Interest is set to begin accruing on federal student loans once more on September 1, 2023. For borrowers repayment, payments will resume on October 1, 2023.

Preparing for Repayment

If you are a federal student loan borrower preparing for repayment, it is recommended that you:

  1. Review your federal student loan borrowing history on
  2. Make sure that you know which is yours and check that you can successfully access their portal to review statements and make payments. 
  3. Learn more about what are available to you and apply for the plan that works best for you and your financial situation.
  4. Use the to help you determine what your monthly payments look like so you can prepare your personal finance budget accordingly.
  5. If applicable, explore and programs. 

Helpful Resources and Links

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