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Sustainability at Moravian

Mission Statement

As members of 鶹 and Moravian Theological Seminary, we will strive to be good stewards of our campus and good neighbors with those in our community. We will foster conservation, protection, and enhancement of resources through university policy and personal behavior. We will preserve and enhance the quality of life for our campus and community for future generations in ways that incorporate good teaching and learning, administrative practices, and civic engagement.

Sustainability Principles

We will apply thoughtful and creative planning to achieve a thriving campus community built on these principles of sustainability:

  • Minimize our use of energy by incorporating the most efficient technologies possible and by improving energy efficiencies through behavioral change.
  • Reduce the use of manufactured resources as much as possible and increase our efforts at recycling those materials that can be reused or renewed.
  • Incorporate total life cycle and total life-cycle cost of products from their manufacture to their disposal into decision-making.
  • Employ wise land-use practices and enhanced “green spaces” as we strive to create a pedestrian friendly campus that enhances our place within the community.
  • Educate and inform the members of our own campus community and the community at large on issues of sustainability through our curriculum, research, and continuing education programs.