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Strategic Plan

Comenius Hall

Strategic Plan 2021-2024


I am honored to present 鶹’s 2021-2024 Strategic Plan. 鶹 is the sixth oldest college in the United States and has been educating the next generation for over 279 years. This plan is built by the Moravian community and demonstrates our continued responsibility. As John Amos Comenius stated, “鶹 should concern itself with that which concerns society” and that everyone should be educated.

鶹, a comprehensive university, is part of the New American Colleges and Universities consortium, which seeks to integrate liberal education, professional programs, and civic engagement. Moravian commits to providing undergraduate students with an excellent academic experience through this plan, which combines the best in career advising, leadership and teamwork preparation, global opportunities, workforce-ready badging, and real-world career experiences.

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Through partnership and investment, 鶹 will continue to focus on the growth of its graduate and continuing education student populations. We also commit to continued leadership in the healthcare and rehabilitation sciences arenas by expanding our health care programming. We will begin a new chapter by becoming leaders in behavioral and mental health programming. By the end of this plan, with our partner St. Luke’s University Health Network, we will be the educational leaders for community health care and well-being. 鶹 will be between 2000-2200 undergraduates and 1000-1500 graduate students by the end of this plan. It will reflect the diverse community of which it serves in both the student body and the faculty and staff and creates a culture of equity and inclusion for all. Moravian will build the systems and facilities and invest the resources it needs to deliver on this promise to our students.


Dr. Bryon L. Grigsby ’90, P’22, P'26
President, 鶹

Our Mission

鶹’s liberal arts education prepares each individual for a reflective life, fulfilling careers, and transformative leadership in a world of change.

Our Vision

A Moravian education is one of action and doing. It is hands on, where students learn through experiential means in order to be producers of new knowledge. Moravian students work together practicing leadership, teamwork, community support, and reflection in order to significantly contribute to a more equitable and just future society.



Aligning for Growth

Our future growth will be driven by continued investment in current and new academic programs and by new external partnerships. Equally important to our future success, will be our ability to communicate our unique story and be more sophisticated in our recruitment strategies.



Next Generation Academic Programming:

  • Restructure academics to create academic entities, including new schools and colleges, and language in the faculty handbook that reflects our University status and meets the evolving needs of the institution and its students. This work includes a new Moravian College of Arts & Sciences (with the new School of Business & Economics under it), the College of Health (with the new School of Behavioral & Community Health under it), and the Seminaries. (In progress)
  • Launch new Global Greyhound study-away programming, allowing traditional Moravian undergraduates (beginning with the Class of 2025) to cultivate global perspectives through a short-term international travel experience, accompanied by a Moravian faculty or staff member, at reduced or no cost to the student. (Complete)
  • Expansion of programs that are collaborative and interdisciplinary in both graduate and undergraduate areas. Some programs scheduled to launch in 2023 include an MA in School Counseling, Master of Social Work, post-licensure Doctor of Occupational Therapy, a 3/2 B.A.-Clinical Counseling Program, and more. (In progress)

Invest in Enrollment:

  • Create a 5-year Enrollment Model featuring enrollment and retention strategies that help forecast full time student enrollment and housing occupancy goals designed to align with our investments in our strategic initiatives and long-term university success. (Complete)
  • Expand geographic reach of recruitment efforts enhancing targeted recruitment efforts, including strengthening student search capabilities and partnership with alumni ambassadors, to areas with projected growth for high-school age demographics, prospective graduate students, and those interested in adult bachelor's degree completion. (In progress)
  • Launch and leverage our Lancaster location, introducing 鶹 to the historic Lancaster Theological Seminary and integrating the seminary in the full university educational ecosystem provides a unique opportunity to strengthen theological education as well as to serve the wider Lancaster community, offering its residents access to graduate and bachelor’s degree completion programs that can have a lasting impact. (In progress)
  • Launch the Center for University Partnerships to invest further in our development and coordination of partnerships (business, community, civic, academic) within the Lehigh Valley and Lancaster communities, facilitated by the use of technology for identifying and mapping internal and external needs and resources. Connections with local businesses will benefit our students by creating a pipeline for internships and career opportunities. Additionally, we can provide the critical resource of customized education solutions to our partners. (Complete) 

Compelling Marketing & Storytelling:

  • Enable brand transition from Moravian College to 鶹 to accurately reflect Moravian’s academic offerings, including our master's and doctoral programs, in addition to a robust undergraduate curriculum. The benefits of switching to university status include increased return on global recruiting efforts; a more competitive academic and athletic landscape; ability to recruit faculty; and students. (Complete)
  • Redesign the website to support the growing needs of the University and meet today’s best practices in user experience and user interface. The new website prioritizes accessibility of design and content to ensure our prospective students and the Moravian community have equal access to imperative information about enrollment, student life, health and safety, and athletics. (Complete)
  • Invest in digital marketing expertise and automation to support our strategic University-wide initiatives and enrollment efforts, with an emphasis on visual storytelling around Moravian's mission, brand identity, and reputation. This work includes evaluating partnerships with third-party vendors and hiring in-house experts in videography and design to support increased requests for both marketing and the production of online andragogy. (In progress)


  • Dr. Carol Traupman-Carr
  • Scott Dams

United in Learning

Learning that is active and built through collaboration across campus is core to what we do and who we are. Connecting students to opportunities both in and out of the classroom and providing personalized student guidance sets our experience apart.

Professor and student


Universal Skills & Career Success:

  • Launch the Elevate experience for full-time undergraduate students; real-world work experience, leadership and teamwork skills, communication, diverse perspectives, and career support are at the center of the educational experience, thus ensuring that students achieve post-graduation success and meet future employers’ expectations. (Complete)
  • Implement a digital badging program as part of the Elevate experience, providing students with the ability to earn up to eight Career Readiness Digital Badges based on the skills and competencies that employers are seeking, according to NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers). Students earn points toward these badges by attending lectures, joining student organizations, participating in research, studying abroad, and more. Students can feature completed badges on their resume, LinkedIn profile, and highlight them during job interviews, as a digital record for highlighting work experiences and skills earned outside of the classroom. More than 67% of all eligible students took advantage of the program in 2021-22 where the national average for other badging programs was 33%.  (Complete)
  • Introduce the Career Promise a commitment from the University that graduating students who complete all eight Career Readiness Badges, have consistently met with their Career Development Strategist, and who have maintained a certain GPA, will be eligible for the Career Promise. The Promise ensures that students who are not employed or in graduate school within one year of graduating from Moravian will qualify for financial support to help make payments on their student loans or free enrollment in select undergraduate or graduate courses. This offer supports Moravian’s commitment to successful post-graduate outcomes and enhances our commitment to lifelong career support services. (Complete)

Next Level Advising:

  • Develop the Career Development Strategist role within the Center for Career and Civic Engagement and hiring a total of 8 Career Development Strategists by 2024. Upon matriculation, each undergraduate student is paired with a Career Development Strategist to assist students with identifying strengths, interests, and values; choosing or changing majors; developing resumes, cover letters, and other professional documents; preparing for interviews; connecting with alumni; finding internships/externships, job opportunities, and graduate schools; and navigating the Career Readiness Digital Badging Program. (Complete)
  • Evaluate and encourage student connections, developing pathways and programming to ensure that every student has the opportunity to make at least one purposeful/structured connection with faculty, staff, peers, alumni, and professionals. (In progress)

Connecting the Curriculum:

  • Launch the RISE (Reflection, Integrity and Skill-Building to Elevate students) Program in Fall 2022. This four-phase undergraduate experience is designed to impact and empower students to more fully realize their potential to transform their community and the world. It was developed as a result of the Elevate experience’s core pillar of Teamwork and Leadership. (Complete)
  • Create a First-Year Research Experience (FYRE) or Pre-research academy that uses culturally responsive pedagogy to encourage students to engage in research practices across all disciplines. (In progress)


  • Dr. Nicole Loyd

Together Towards Equity

We continually seek to be a transformative and reflective institution bringing voice to our shared values. In these times, this means delivering on our promise to students and their families about being an inclusive and equitable campus community. Ultimately, we strive to support the success of every student and be a place where our graduates and the whole community can experience a sense of belonging.

Students outside of Comenius


Equity as a Core Value:

  • Establish Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) community values for 鶹 to feature on website, during new student orientation and new employee onboarding and in the recruitment process. Communicating these values widely ensures that current and future Moravian community members understand and embrace our culture of inclusion and equity on campus. (In progress) 
  • Promote inclusive language and pedagogy throughout the graduate and undergraduate curriculum. Moravian is committed to taking purposeful action in ensuring the educational experience that we provide is inclusive and representative of all. Accepting that we have a societal responsibility to educate the next generation on how to be anti-racist, faculty working groups for both the seminary and the undergraduate/graduate areas are now piloting initiatives for collecting/assessing and developing new course materials. (In progress)
  • Develop a university-wide Land Acknowledgement statement to create permanent, on-campus recognition of the statement, recognizing and honoring the Native inhabitants of this land and their historic and everlasting relationships with it. 鶹 is located in Lenapehoking, the traditional homeland of the Lenape, which includes Delaware, New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, and southern New York. (Complete)

Increasing Access:

  • Launch the Black and Latino Male College Readiness Program: A comprehensive, 5-day, overnight campus experience that helps prepare college-eager students and their families for the extensive college search process and strategies to navigate their respective collegiate journeys. The program is aimed at dismantling the status quo of disproportionate dropout rates for Black and Latino men in college by means of education, motivation, and mentorship for the betterment of society. (Complete)
  • Launch the inaugural Felton Symposium, a multi-day symposium for high-school-aged young women of color in honor of the first Black woman to graduate from Moravian College for Women. (In progress)
  • Enhance support networks for historically underrepresented and marginalized students. Our attention on providing support resources for underrepresented and marginalized students is consistent with the national and regional data on college stopout rates. Collaborate with administrative offices and academic departments to improve the University’s communications to students about resources available to support their academic pursuits. (In Progress)

Transparency and Accountability:

  • Develop and Administer a Campus Climate Study: In an effort to better understand and enhance our student’s sense of belonging and inclusivity, Moravian will improve the frequency of our climate surveys. This effort is also designed to promote transparency and accountability utilizing the survey design and outcomes to improve communication and engagement across the institution. The university’s DEI department will launch our next climate survey in the spring of 2024. (In progress)
  • Establish a university-wide DEI department through a commitment of resources that enabled the University to hire and fully staff a critical department at the institution with a concentrated focus to support DEI work. (Complete)


  • Dr. G. Christopher Hunt

Building a New Legacy

For centuries, 鶹 has addressed the ongoing and changing needs of our society, and our mission comes to life anew every day through the amazing efforts of every member of our community. Investing in our community is critical to our continued success. In a rapidly changing world, achieving our aspirational goals requires innovative use of technology and physical spaces that are adaptive and vibrant.

HUB rendering


Designing Our Future:

  • Student Experience Expansion: Investment in new living and learning experiences beyond the classroom, leveraging and developing both real and virtual environments that allow students to take advantage of new technologies and ways to engage with each other. (In progress) 
  • Learning Extension/Expansion: Advance institutional capabilities by improving technology adoption, usability and value in the classroom as well as the continued growth in the development and integration of hybrid and online learning instruction. Examples of such initiatives include the digital scheduling panels to improve space utilization and the upgrades for Apple airplay technology that improve soft study spaces. (In progress) 
  • Create a cohesive 'Family' Program connecting prospective and current students along with their families to Moravian alumni and other offices across campus thereby facilitating the success of a lifetime engagement model for students and family members who are part of the 鶹 community.  (In progress)

Invest in People:

  • 鶹 and Training for Employees: Establish a plan for professional development that helps cultivate a culture of curiosity and growth as individuals, professionals, and as a community. (In progress) 
  • Develop and implement an internal communication plan that serves the needs of all constituencies, increasing transparency and engagement in University activities and service. (In progress) 

Leveraging Technology & Integrating Data:

  • Enable digital transformation to develop a culture of innovation, data sharing, and technology integration that advances the digital transformation of the student experience. Such transformation efforts will be focused on optimizing current and future software, data usage, and technology platforms that prioritize a more inclusive and flexible student experience. (In progress)
  • Strengthen the foundation for leveraging digital tools, ensuring a renewed focus on the documentation related to data governance, technology training, auditing of data architecture, data recovery and associated workflows, and resources to enable continual knowledge sharing. (In progress)

Adaptive & Vibrant Spaces:

  • Innovative & collaborative student-centered spaces that develop a sustainable strategy to revitalize campus spaces and strategically invest in new energy-efficient infrastructure. Such plans will prioritize student-focused space development including a commitment to developing a student center (HUB 2.0), the refurbishment of South Hall into usable spaces, and the eventual creation of a one-stop that supports advising, student accounts, financial aid, and registration. (In progress)
  • Preserving & Promoting Our History: Leverage the historical significance of Moravian’s campus and buildings, capitalizing on the opportunity to create and support a Moravian World Heritage and History Institute in collaboration with transnational partners in the UK, Germany and Denmark. (In progress)


  • Mark Reed
  • Jill Anderson
  • Dave Brandes